A Review of the Best Baby Carrier Out There: the Mo+m Carrier

A Review of the Best Baby Carrier Out There: the Mo+m Carrier

 The pile is up to 11 now…that makes me a baby carrier expert.


My “Unbiased” Review of the Mo+m Carrier

The world of baby carriers and slings is a crowded and competitive one. This is good for parents, as it gives them a lot of options, and bad for parents, as it gives them….too many options. If you are one of those overly concerned parents (like me) who must do tons of research to find the absolute safest, all natural, in-no-way-able-to-harm-my-baby-cuz-I-saw-this-thing-on-the-news-one-time product out there, then you could end up (like me) with a closet full of about nine baby carriers. Maybe you aren’t as patient or don’t wish to spend that kind of money (which is totally understandable). So how do we help you decide what carrier is right for you?

In the following paragraphs I will attempt to make you fall in love (as I have) with the Mo+m Carrier from Mothers on the Move. If you are expecting an unbiased opinion, you’ll probably be disappointed, though I would like to say that given the fact that I am now the proud owner of ten eleven baby carriers (ten in the closet, one I use) I have developed some level of expertise on the subject. So here is why I totally dig the Mo+m Carrier:

It is a soft structure carrier. That is the general term for a carrier made of cotton. It is soft, like an article of clothing or a bag. This makes it more comfortable and very easy to carry around (even when not in use).

It folds up. I know I already mentioned that it was a soft carrier, but what that means is, it can fold up and fit in your diaper bag. I’m a “light travel” kind of guy, and going to the store/beach/friend’s house or wherever doesn’t need to be a production that requires 35lbs of equipment.

It’s machine washable. Again, I already mentioned it is made of cotton, but that means you can put the whole thing in the wash. If your baby is anything like mine, she spits up, drools, spits food out and everything else you can imagine all over everything she owns.

It’s comfortable for her. Or him. But the point is, this is a big deal. All too often the carrier is perfectly fine for mommy or daddy, but baby just can’t seem to get comfortable. Then baby gets restless and ornery. Then you literally have a screeching ball of crying fit strapped to your chest.

It’s comfortable for you. The worst thing ever is when you get a carrier, your baby loves it so much she falls asleep in it every time. But after about 20 minutes, you need a back transplant. This limits you from using the carrier when you need it most (on trips, through the mall, on your afternoon walks). The Mo+m carrier is extremely comfortable since it evenly distributes the weight, taking pressure off of your back.

It has a ventilation window. That makes it sound like it’s an RV or something, but I don’t know what else to call it. There is this pocket (or what looks like a pocket) with a zipper and when you unzip it there’s a mesh vent that allows your baby’s back to cool off.

It has pockets. This is important. Trust me.

Three different carry positions. This gives you greater control over yours, and your baby’s comfort. This also allows your baby different vantage points from which to view the world.

After too much money and too many baby carriers, I’ve found one that I can take my baby in everywhere. The best part about it is, even though my daughter is almost two now and pushing 30lbs, I can STILL carry her in this thing. Now we prefer the hip carry, but the backpack carry is good sometimes too. She isn’t that keen on the front facing carry, but she loved that when she was younger. So, in my honest opinion, the Mo+m Carrier is the best baby carrier out there.  I hope this helps in your pursuit for the perfect baby carrier for your bundle of joy.

If you would like more information about the Mo+m Carrier, or would like one for yourself, visit:


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