6 Items Every Active Parent Should Have

6 Items Every Active Parent Should Have

I know after having a baby it can seem a lot like you are trading in your life. As parents we have to sacrifice a lot of things. No more casual Friday nights at the bar, no more six hour sun bathing sessions on the beach (which is probably a good thing anyway, cuz….skin cancer) and no more drinking beer while floating down a river. Just because we have kids and become responsible adults doesn’t mean we have to give up EVERYTHING. In fact, active parents tend to have active kids, and that is healthy for everybody.

So in the spirit of advocating an active lifestyle for parents and kids, here are the top 6 items every parent (of a baby anyway) should have:

  1. A soft, comfy baby carrier. You already knew that was coming I am sure, but for long walks/hikes, it just isn’t feasible to carry your baby in your arms the whole time. A soft, well padded carrier (like the Mo+m Carrier) will let you lug baby around all day long with ease.
  1. A diaper bag backpack. Hey, I’m just not a huge fan of diaper bags. The whole slung around one arm thing never worked well for me. A backpack has all of the pockets I need. Side pockets for bottles and sippies, front pocket for pacifier and plenty of room inside for diapers and toys. AND it has straps! I wear baby on the front and diaper backpack on the back (or vice versa) and I am good to roll.
  1. Chemicals. I know that sounds strange, but I mean essential solutions. Bug spray (cuz we get crazy mosquitos down here in the South) and sunblock. I really don’t think I need to go into detail as to why these are good to have so….
  1. A jogger stroller. There is no excuse not to go get your fitness on. Going for a run is just what you need and baby loves going fast in the stroller. Plus, the big wheels make this a bit more of an all terrain vehicle so you may be able to venture out onto the trails.
  1. Portable play pen. This thing is AWESOME. You can go anywhere and when you need a safe and confined place for your baby to play/sleep; voila. This thing folds up into a box with a strap. Just take it wherever and unfold it when you need it.
  1. Bottle/pacifier strap. Oh geez we are dropping stuff all the time. The problem is, when you are outside, there is no place to wash everything off and you can’t just stick it back in your baby’s mouth after it’s been in the sand. The strap securely fastens to the bottle or pacifier at one end and then your baby’s shirt at the other. Brilliant.

I’m sure there are many other things I left out, but these are the essentials (for us anyway). So be sure you stock up on these and then get out there and see the world with your baby.

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