Mo+m Carrier vs. Ergobaby

Mo+m Carrier vs. Ergobaby

Mo+m Carrier vs. Ergobaby

I have the most beautifully adorable daughter in the world (don’t we all). I love to carry her, even though she is fully capable of walking herself. Truthfully, her short little lets don’t go as fast as my much longer legs do and…well…I don’t trust her judgment. So even though she is pushing near 30lbs I STILL carrier her. However, now that she is significantly larger than she was only one short year ago (she’s two now), holding her in my arms is simply not fun after a few minutes. Long story short, I love my baby carrier. I have owned both the Mo+m Carrier and the Ergobaby, so I feel that I am in a good position to talk about them both with some level of authority (I am a dedicated parent + savvy consumer + writer…authority, right?…If only). The reason I’ve decided to compare these two is because Ergobaby is the king of kings on the mountaintop of soft structure baby carriers. So much so, “ergo” is by itself a recognizable search term in Google and refers directly to their company.

The best way to approach this subject, I think, is a list of each carrier’s pros and cons.

 First…the king: Ergobaby

This carrier has built a reputation for being the best, and with good reason. It is made from high quality materials so it will last (pro), it is super comfortable for both mom and baby (pro) and can carry up to 45lbs (pro). The list goes on:


Ergonomic design promotes proper growth of baby spine and hips.

Promotes closeness (will decrease the amount of crying fits).

3 carry positions offer more versatile options for comfort and stimulation for baby.

Evenly distributes baby’s weight so there is no pressure on mom’s back.

Thick and sturdy safety straps keep baby secure.

We could do this for a while, but you get the point.

 Cons –

Rather big and bulky which makes it seem REALLY complicated if you aren’t one of those weird obsessive parents that already watched like 20 Youtube videos on how to use it (not that I am or anything).

 Now we’ll compare this mammoth list of awesomeness to the Mo+m Carrier…shall we?


The Mo+m Carrier is also made from high quality, all natural materials so it will last.

Also carries larger toddlers.

Same ergonomic design.

Same level of closeness.

The same 3 carry positions.

Same weight distribution.

Same thick and sturdy safety straps.


Haven’t found any.

Major Advantages-

The Mo+m Carrier is slightly smaller (1.5in in width to be exact) which makes it more compact and less bulky. It is super easy to fold up and put inside the diaper back. Also made with less material (on the inside as well) it looks far less complicated to use. It also has a vented window that you can open to keep baby cool. The biggest advantage, however, is the fact that this carrier is less expensive. Anywhere from $20 to $40 dollars less.

In my opinion, the Mo+m Carrier is every bit as good a baby carrier as the Ergobaby, but with a couple of marked advantages and for less money. That makes it an easy decision if you are comparing the two (in my opinion). In my book, the Mo+m Carrier is the best baby carrier, but you are more than welcome to buy both and do your own detailed comparison (or just take my word for it and say “thank you so much for saving me $40 bucks.” Feel free to send me $20 of it to show your appreciation).

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