Why the Outward Facing Carry is Bad

Why the Outward Facing Carry is Bad

I’ve heard it time and again. Parents insist on getting baby carriers that face outward so their baby can see the world. I was one of them for a while. It used to be just me and my little girl; my partner in crime. Why would I rob her of the opportunity to see the world as I did? Of course, that was with my FIRST child and I was a young and naïve 19 year old. I have since learned better.

Arguments on the subject abound, typically between moms who are hell bent on offering their babies sensory stimulation. These moms point to the fact that there is currently no evidence that a baby carrier has ever caused hip dysplasia or any other injury related to baby wearing. That may be the case clinically; however one anecdotal account of the dangers of exacerbating loose hip joints by improper baby wearing is a little touching.

For those of you who are uninitiated, I’ll explain some of the reasons why outward facing baby wearing is not ideal:

For starters, you can only do it while dangling your kid from his/her crotch. This is bad.If you read my previous post about why, you’d know why. The short story is that the International Hip Dysplasia Association explains a frog-like position or natural seated position promotes healthy hip and spine development. Hanging legs from a supported groin does not. And why would you do anything that doesn’t promote healthy development? Beyond this fact, it also forces your baby to make a hollow back in order to balance him/herself because the legs and spine are unsupported. This unnatural curve absorbs the shock of every step you take, likely causing discomfort.

Then there is the chaffing. I mean, you have your baby hanging by a piece of fabric from his/her groin. After a few hours, that has to suck. It is also not comfortable for mommy (or daddy). Carrying a baby that is curving away from you as opposed to toward you causes undo stress and is unwieldy. It won’t take long before your back has had enough.

What’s the solution?

Simply opt to use an ergonomically designed baby wearing device (like the Mo+m Carrier…but I’m biased). These carriers press your baby against your body facinginward providing a natural seat for your baby and promoting healthy spinal development. Also, it’s more comfortable for you AND your baby.

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