Mo+m Baby Wrap (Black) - Ultra Soft Cotton/Spandex Stretchy Wrap

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  • TOP QUALITY BABY WRAP: New Parents, Veteran Parents, Grandparents & Guardians agree we offer the best baby wrap on Amazon. The key to it is in the comfort. This super soft cotton/spandex blend is gentle to the touch, yet firm enough to keep your baby in place. Works with infants all the way to toddler age.
  • VERSITILE 4 IN 1 DESIGN: There are MANY wrap types you can use with a stretchy wrap, but even the basics have you covered however you like to carry. Front facing inward, front facing outward, hip carry and ruck sack sling; whichever way your baby likes to take in the world, the Mo+m Wrap can accommodate.
  • JUST THE RIGHT SIZE: The Mo+m Wrap is a standard 5 meters in length, leaving you with enough room to create a number of seats and carries for your little one, without too much excess. Don't drag the floor or tie five loops around your waist when you can have just the amount of fabric you need.
  • SAFE & CONVENIENT: There is no safer place for your baby to be than right there held against you. But as a parent, you have tons to do. With the Mo+m Wrap you can enjoy hands-free convenience and bonding at the same time.
  • GREAT BABY GIFT IDEA: Someone you know having a baby? You know they'll want a sling, as it is easily one of the most convenient parenting accessories around. Get yours today. We know you'll love it.
  • 95% cotton / 5% spandex

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