Who We Are

Mothers On the Move:
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As parents, we experience one of the wildest and most intense emotional roller coasters in existence. So much love, responsibility, joy, terror, anticipation and pride all flowing through us at any given moment in regards to our children. All these feelings combine with our logical decision making processes making even the smallest choices seem monumental at times.
What kind of diapers should we get? Wipes? Should we blend our own baby food? Is organic THAT important? What type of baby carrier will work best? Which will last the longest? How much room to grow should the clothes have? What about detergent? And on, and on….


My little baby and her momma.
She is the inspiration for all of this.

Mothers On the Move was founded as an opportunity to provide quality products for our most precious consumers. Not only that, but our products are focused on making your life as a parent just a little bit easier. Whether we provide you with an extra hand to get things done, or a tool to help pry or press something, in the end the goal is to save you time on the little things so you can have more time for the important things in life. We believe saving minutes on minor inconveniences amount to large sums of quality time spent with the ones we love. 

Who We Are

Mothers On the Move was founded by Anthony Lee, a web writer and devoted parent of two. Anthony sought to bring value to a marketplace in a way he could identify with and was passionate about, so he went in search for the best way to do that. Having extensive experience as a parent consumer, he saw a number of opportunities to serve parents just like him.

“Every parent is different. They will all want different things for their children. The important thing is for them to have options. There are specific things that are important to me personally and I know are important to many other parents. For example, I like using all natural fabrics because my youngest daughter has naturally sensitive skin. I also think certain, less processed, goods are better for her body as a whole. I think keeping her close and having lots of physical contact is good for both of our development as well as our ability to communicate with each other. I believe few would argue that products that are in general good for our children, promote proper development, help them stay healthy and make our lives a bit better are ideal. That is what Mothers On the Move aims to provide every conscientious parent out there. If you are like me and you obsess over the quality of everything you put on or near your precious bundle of joy, then I think you will like our products. I am committed to Mothers On the Move only offering the finest goods that I personally love and use.” – Anthony Lee, Founder 

Where It All Began

Founder Anthony Lee has had the wonderful and unique opportunity of becoming the father of two amazing girls on the same day of the year. On his oldest daughter’s 13th birthday, his youngest was born. “Imagine that. A teenager and an infant on the same day. I am in for one heck of a ride,” he says candidly of the experience. This gave him the chance almost to start over and be much more attentive of a parent than he was in his younger years with his oldest child.


My teenage daughter.
“I gave my daughter plenty of love and attention, but I can see all of the opportunities I missed from a consumer standpoint. Nowadays, everything I get is all natural, soft and good for skin and body. Also, gadgets and other things are a life-saver. I don’t know how we managed without the video baby monitor back then.”
With a new focus on bringing quality and healthy baby goods to the marketplace, as well as convenience items aimed at saving time and effort for mom and dad, Anthony can share with other parents the importance he places on high caliber products. “Look, if you can give your child the best, why wouldn’t you?”


What to Expect From Mothers On the Move

Family founded and family owned, Mothers On the Move is here to offer you and your family the highest quality products possible. This begins with our soft structured baby carrier lines and our baby wraps. We also offer kitchen gadgets aimed at helping parents save time preparing meals, with plans to offer many more home goods in the future. As we grow, we want to help your family grow with excellent, convenient and natural goods to meet your specific needs as parents. We appreciate you being a part of this journey with us.

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